Zippy Cris

> Wind Resistance Class 3,

> Use fabric Cristal 650 (not fireproof),

> Each Our fabric is stabilized in Our Oven Speedy Cris (patented system),

> Aluminium Box DIMM or DAMAIR for fixing wall and Aluminium Box VOLCANO and VENUS for front mounting or ceiling direct,

> Roller Tube with Zip Housing (Patented System),

> Operation by Gear or Motor,

> Aluminium Guide Side for fixing front and side,

> Bottom Bar with Zip Housing

Zippy Cris
Profiles Used

Each boxe is chosen based on blind dimensions and fabric used.
The two new viewable boxes VULCANO and VENERE
significantly facilitate assembly,dismantling and cleaning operations.
The end caps are made of metal,

Aluminium Roller Tube Ø 65 e Ø 53 with Zip Housing (Patented System)
This system speeds up assembly operations and any shade maintenance
for Fabric replacement,

Aluminium Side Guide:
1. Available in the dual version for either lateral or front mount.
The lateral guides are made up of 3 aluminium profiles to recover up to 3 cm. offset. Guide lock system with screws. The brush is installed inside to reduce noise caused by contact between the PVC guide and aluminium guide.
2. The PVC guide guarantees perfect zip and fabric seal in the guide.
3. Zip is welded on all 4 fabric sides (Patented System). Available in grey, white and black colour (black is always used for shade fabric).

Aluminium Bottom Bar with Zip Housing (Patented System) Bottom bar with special zip housing (patented system) and weight housing in the lower part.
For gear operation stabilising bolts (optional) can be installed on the bottom bar to manually tighten the blind.

Modular and Stylish.
It adapts to all your spaces.

Product Presentation

How can you go without?