Sprint 1700


> Sprint 1700 is ideal for welding of Fabric Lights and Screens,

> welding bar 1700 mm. long.,

> Special cooling system that keeps the temperature constant throughout the day,

> double sliding table 3000 mm. long, On request it could be 4000, 5000 or 6000 mm: it all depends on your need,

> Panel where you can easly select the fabric you want to weld like insect screen, and blackout,

> System for quick replacement of Teflon,

> Guide for Welding Zip; Guide realization bag; Magnetic bar for locking fabric.

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SPRINT 1700 combines superior quality mechanics with microprocessor electronic control to “save” all the operations that would have been performed by an expert operator and repeat them endlessly, without any need for corrections.
All this is possible thanks to special adjustments that led to the creation of the ideal bonding machine.
The length of the bonding rod reduces the number of strokes for large sizes.
This does is not detrimental to temperature which, thanks to the electronic control on the entire surface, is always kept constant.
The powerful built-in automatic cooling system quickly completes the bonding operation.
Once again, the control lifts the rod only when the bonding area has been cooled to the correct temperature. Fast action thus combines with sure results. Thanks to the use of sophisticate safety systems, accident risks during work were eliminated. In addition to the dual controls required to start the machine, the electronic system ensures that rod descent is not obstructed in any way and immediately lifts it back up in the event of hazards.
SPRINT 1700 automatically runs all the operations previously performed by the operator who only needs to select the timers and temperatures suited to the fabric type once.
The machine does the rest, quickly and accurately repeating the set cycle with the selected modes, whenever needed.

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