Our Roller Blind with Bottom Bar
& Roller Tube with Zip Housing

Zippy Model


> Aluminium Box DIMM and DAMAIR,

> Aluminium Roller Tube with Zip Housing,

> Aluminium Bottom bar with Zip space,

> Assembly and Maintenance Easy,

> Operation with Gear and Motor.


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Zippy Model

Alluminium Box 90mm or 75mm,

Ruller Tube Ø 53mm

Zippy Bottom Bar

Roller Blind Zippy Model.
Bottom Bar & Roller Tube with Zip Housing.

Designed Ad-Hoc

Assembly & Maintenance Easy!

Patented System

Roller Tube & Bottom Bar with Zip Housing.

Satisfied Customers

Is ideal for Any Type of home.

Zippy Model
Assembly & Maintenance Very Easy!